Brighter Website Design Ballarat

A little bit about Brighter Websites

Brighter Websites is a Ballarat-based company that specializes in website design & development.

Our Primary Website Design team is located in Ballarat, in beautiful regional Victoria.  We have created an incredible international Web & Marketing network of experts with over 20 years of combined website and marketing expertise.  We offer cutting-edge strategies for local service based businesses and are pleased to serve clients in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
We have web designers who are skilled in the nitty-gritty tech like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and whiz marketers who know local search engine optimization with training from accredited institutions.  Our experts constantly stay up to date with the latest SEO and web building trends, google algorithm changes and clever new strategies placing us on the bleeding edge of Local Search.   
Our first consultations are always free so contact us now about your new website or getting more eyes on your site.

More than just a web design company

We employ cutting-edge technology in our work. Our objective is to develop a website that will endure for a long time.  Let us create a website that generates leads, sells your products and services and converts strangers into loyal consumers?  Our websites can become one of your company's top-performing salespeople.  Our Web Designers are dedicated to providing the highest quality websites for our clients. When you choose Brighter Websites, you get:

  • Clean, modern design built for mobile-first
  • Custom website design
  • Simplified calls-to-action on every page
  • SEO optimized content
  • Technically superior site backend and coding
  • Professional reporting on website traffic and ranking


We create your site so that casual visitors become paying customers.

We are able to entice potential customers to call and schedule a consultation, buy a product from your online store, or request your services by building your website with your sales cycle and your customer in mind. Our Website Design methods have been able to boost conversion rates by over 300% after we apply our intense consumer and competitor research, meticulous analytics calculations, and tested design princibles. This is a block of text. Double-click this text to edit it.


We enjoy developing fantastic websites, but what good is one if no one visits it? All of our sites are built with SEO in mind since we are experts in Search Engine Optimization. Your website is basically ready for Google right out of the box, which means a quicker return on your investment.  With Brighter website you will enjoy

  • Search optimised content writing experts
  • On-page SEO for all current and future pages
  • Great Photography, Video and Graphics optimized for relevant keywords
  • Robust hosting & backend services for speed, security and reliability